Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association Youth League (WaGLAXD) is a developmental, athletic organization that aspires to provide a high-quality experience to every athlete. A high-quality experience is one in which every athlete: Has fun playing

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2017 Youth Rules Book

U9 Summary: Modified Field, 5 v 5, Goals tipped upside down, 2 pass rule, No goalies,
U11 Summary: Modified Field 7 v 7 (8 v 8 with goalies) 2 pass rule, no offsides
U13 Summary: Full Field, 12 v 12; 1 pass rule, restraining lines
U15 Summary: Full Field, 12 v 12, no passing rule, modified checking

2017 WSLA rules are HERE.


Link to 2017 Rules book, New Rules video and other useful rules info

2017 Home Team Handbook
Scorer & Timer Handout (Terminology)

Please note that these are HS uniform specs to be used as a guideline for youth uniforms if a club desires -- see the new USL Youth rule book for uniform requirements for the specific age groups as they are MUCH more simplified than in years past.



Scorer & Timer Handout (Procedures)

Girls Lacrosse Official Scoresheet Form 
(Excel spreadsheet) 

Girls Lacrosse Official Scoresheet example 

New eyewear/goggles ASTM standards for 2017 is HERE.

Information on optional equipment is HERE.

NOCSAE Ball Mandate -  more information HERE

Is your Team website League Athletics?You can link to www.waglax.org  
How to do it:
You are known as a “Child site” and we are the “Parent site” you’ll log in to your site and go to your Admin>Configuration>General Settings>Organization then scroll to the bottom, find the “Organization(s)” box/window and select Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association (Youth)

Next link your teams; go to Admin>Teams>Divisions & Teams. From the Divisions & Teams page, click on your team name(s) or select your appropriate league, continue until you’ve selected your team.
Is your website not League Athletics?  You can create a link for your teams to open such as...
Click HERE to view Schedule (we used BI U15 as an example)